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Gabrielle Bernardini

Gabrielle Bernardini is a Senior Editor that loves traveling, food, and binge-watching Netflix shows.

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  • Eco-Friendly Airlines
    Kind Traveler

    These Are the Most Eco-Friendly Airlines, for a Lower Impact Trip

    Are you looking to reduce your impact? Check out the most eco-friendly airlines, which are making an effort to create more sustainable travel options.
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • Water Conservation
    Sustainable Living

    A Landscaper's Guide to Saving Water: Ideas For Your Yard and Garden

    Water conservation landscaping ideas — check out these useful techniques to help build a greener lawn while reducing your environmental impact.
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • Earth Day Read Alouds
    Climate Action

    10 Entertaining (and Informative) Books to Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids!

    Are you planning to celebrate Earth Day? Get kids involved and check out our favorite read alouds that will inform the next generation about our planet.
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • What to Watch on Earth Day
    Go Green

    Celebrate Earth Day With These Informative Documentaries That You Can Stream!

    From information on how our planet has been impacted by climate change to the beauty of national parks, here's what to watch to celebrate Earth Day.
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • Vegan Teeth Whitening Methods
    Health & Wellness

    7 Vegan and Cruelty-Free Teeth Whitening Products That Will Enhance Your Smile

    Which teeth whitening method is the best? Check out our favorite 7 vegan and cruelty-free products that will enhance your smile.
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • Vegan Food at Disney World's Magic Kingdom

    Exploring the Best and Less-Than-Magical Plant-Based Options at Disney World's Magic Kingdom

    Is the vegan food at Disney World's Magic Kingdom less than "magical"? 'Green Matters' breaks down the best plant-based options in the park.
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • Best Hikes in the U.S. That Are Not in National Parks

    Waterfalls, Hot Springs, and Arches, Oh My! Our Favorite Hikes in the U.S. That Are NOT in National Parks

    From gorgeous waterfalls to colorful rock formations, check out the best hikes in the United States that are NOT in national parks.
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • 'The Race to Save the World'
    Climate Action

    'The Race to Save the World' Documentary Highlights Everyday People Fighting Against Climate Change (Exclusive)

    Director Joe Gantz opens up exclusively to 'Green Matters' about his documentary 'The Race to Save the World,' which highlights climate change activism.
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • Sustainable Underwear
    Sustainable Living

    From Sexy Intimates to Fashionable Basics — Shop These Sustainable Underwear Brands

    From sexy intimates to fashionable nude basics, check out these 7 sustainable underwear brands that we swear by!
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • Sustainable Spring Break Products

    Sustainable Spring Break Must-Haves to Pack on Your Upcoming Trip in Paradise

    From reef-friendly sunscreen to sustainable sunglasses, check out our favorite spring break products to pack on your upcoming getaway.
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • Minimalism and Zero Waste Lifestyle

    Easy Minimalist Lifestyle Tips That Will Also Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

    What do minimalism and zero waste have in common? Well, a lot. Check out a few of our easy lifestyle tips to help declutter and reduce your carbon footprint.
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • 'Tiny House Hunters'

    Tiny Homes For Sale — A Buying Guide to Purchasing Your Dream Residence

    Are you in the market to down-size your current residence? Check out where to start your search for tiny homes that are currently for sale.
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • Best Airbnb Treehouses

    From Breathtaking Views to Over-the-Top Amenities — Check out These Unique Airbnb Treehouses in the U.S.

    From breathtaking views to over-the-top amenities, check out the best and most unique Airbnb treehouses in the United States.
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
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