Style'Be Zero' Founder Reveals The Waste-Free Staples She Keeps In Her Purse

Andrea Sanders, founder of Be Zero, knows a thing or two about creating a green beauty regimen. The popular author and educator teaches people every day how to create sustainable and mindful habits. And today, she's giving Green Matters a peek inside her purse.

By Desiree Kaplan
3 days ago
NewsThese Eco-Friendly Brands Are Turning Ocean Pollution Into Cool And Comfortable Fashion

Designers are rethinking their materials when designing their lines while also helping to address the issue of plastic in our oceans.

By Koty Neelis
1 week ago
NewsWhat Are Parabens And Phthalates?

These controversial ingredients are in most of the hair care and makeup products we use.

By Kristin Hunt
1 week ago
StyleThese Shoes Have Soles Made From Recycled Chewing Gum

Three companies from Amsterdam are finding an innovative and stylish way to deal with one of the city's biggest waste issues.

By Aimee Lutkin
2 weeks ago

France Is About To Ban Stores From Throwing Away Unsold Clothing

Similar to massive food waste problems, clothes are being tossed out at an alarming rate in Europe. This caused France to dive further into action by implementing incentives for voluntary action and passing legislation by next year.

By Brian Spaen
3 weeks ago

Kat Von D's Makeup Collection Goes 100% Vegan For 10th Anniversary

Kat Von D is famous for her tattoo artistry, but her vegan makeup line is now unveiling a new pallet this May in honor of her company's 10-year anniversary collection. As a vegan and animal activist she makes sure non of her products include animal by-products or testing.

By Desiree Kaplan
1 month ago

Designers Upcycle Used Fire Hoses Into Eco-Friendly Accessories

This British company practices a sustainable business by upcycling retired materials, including fire hoses, to make sleek accessories, including belts, bags, and purses.

By Desiree Kaplan
8 months ago