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How to Be Zero Waste at Home — Tips for Reducing Waste Around the House


Once you become aware of our overconsumption of single-use plastic, the abundance of trash humans are producing, and how all that affects the climate crisis, you may start feeling really overwhelmed. Luckily, there’s a pretty great way to combat that — going zero waste.

But wait — isn’t living trash-free even more overwhelming than just ignoring the trash problem? I totally feel you. Scaling 4.4 pounds of trash a day (what the average American produces) to zero pounds a day sounds like a lofty task. However, if you gradually ease yourself in, you’ll find that producing less trash is a lot easier, more accessible, and cheaper than you may think.

Plus, it’s important to remember that producing “zero waste” is just a goal. And for that reason, some people in the sustainable living community instead call the movement “low waste” or “low impact.” Things are often out of our control — sometimes I ask for no straw, but the waiter gives me one anyway. And sometimes, life gets in the way — no matter how many zero-waste snacks I may pack, I could still get hungry, and have to buy food wrapped in plastic. But that's OK — because being zero waste is not about perfection, but about doing your best to make a difference.

How to Go Zero-Waste at Home

That being said, a great place to start your zero-waste journey is in your home. So if you’re interested in producing less trash, reducing your environmental impact, and saving money, read on for ideas on how to lower your waste all around the house. 

Keep in mind that no one could suddenly start doing everything on this list overnight. Going zero waste is a process, so start with just one thing at a time.