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Source: ISTOCK

Bulk for Beginners: How to Shop in the Grocery Store’s Bulk Section


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Before I did my zero-waste research, the bulk section of my local grocery store was intimidating. 

It was like the shadowy place from The Lion King. I never went there, avoided it at all costs, walked past it briskly, head down. But after reading about what a great sustainable option it is and getting more accommodated to it, you can’t get me out of the bulk section. 

Are you a bulk-shopping newbie? That’s totally okay. It doesn’t need to be a daunting experience. I’m here to help you get acquainted with what it means to buy from your grocery store’s bulk section in an accessible, zero-waste way. That way, the next time you come face to face with those canisters of almonds, pre-made granola, and pumpkin seeds, you’ll be ready to go — mason jar, tare weight, and all.