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How to Talk to Your Friends About Going Zero Waste


Have you met my mother? Joann loves plastic, stores even the smallest bit of leftovers in Ziploc baggies (larger leftovers get mummified in Saran wrap), and she does not believe in flushing toilet paper. Yeah, that’s my mother… Which is just to say that I didn’t grow up around the most eco-friendly philosophies and yet here I am — a passionate sustainability advocate.

The point is not to ostracize my family or put my mother’s kitchen cabinet of Styrofoam plates on blast; it’s to exemplify that we all have different lifestyles. And while I choose to live mine as minimally and waste-free as I can, it can’t be my sole prerogative as a daughter to eco-shame or change my family’s ways.

Though I can certainly try to bring them to the green side.