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How to Grow Your Eyelashes — Naturally: Make Your Own Lash Serum


When people think going zero-waste means having to sacrifice a beauty routine, it makes me want to scream. Personally, I love playing around with makeup just as much as I love simplifying my home and living as close to a zero-waste lifestyle as I can. Do I sacrifice my beauty routine and self-care in favor of the environment? Never, and here’s why.

Conventional makeup uses a lot of single-use plastic packaging and toxic ingredients in its formulas. But the keyword here is “conventional.” There are other forms of makeup, other ways to get your beauty on. There’s a zero-waste way to make your own mascara and eyeliner, remove your makeup without creating waste, and even ways to get rid of your plastic stuff, ethically

So, before you write off all makeup ever, consider some zero-waste, at-home swaps that keep your makeup routine intact, while helping out the environment just a little bit more than your standard products. Which brings us to eyelashes.