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Source: Aaron Birch

How I Pulled Off A Zero-Waste Lifestyle For A Full Year

By Mathilde Batelier

Waste is a hot topic in the world today, and for good reason. In 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans, with one truck’s worth of waste being dumped into the sea every minute. I wanted to know if—and how—this might be prevented. 

When I moved to Amsterdam in 2015 for my masters studies, I saw the transition to a new country as a perfect opportunity to commence some more environmentally friendly habits. One change begot more change; before I knew it, I spent a full year living a zero-waste lifestyle.

Here’s how I pulled it off, and how you can too.

I learned to stop feeling guilty.

Guilt about doing something wrong or messing up hindered my initial journey toward becoming zero-waste. It is so important to understand that transitioning to zero-waste does not happen overnight. You will make mistakes, and it’s perfectly fine. Remind yourself that we don’t live (yet) in a world that makes it easy (or at all convenient) to live without producing a bunch of trash. 

So don’t feel guilty: The fact that you’re trying is already fantastic!