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Source: Courtesy of Lush

How to Score a Free Lush Face Mask By Saving Your Empties


If you're a fan of Lush, you'd probably like to know how you can get free products from the cruelty-free cosmetics company. (Other than coyly asking employees for free samples every time you walk into a Lush store, that is.) Luckily, Lush offers a take back program to make sure its packaging gets recycled, and participants even get rewarded with a free face mask. Here's how you can get involved and score a free face mask of your own.

The initiative, called the 5 Pot Program, encourages customers to save the black plastic pots that package Lush products including face masks, moisturizers, shaving soaps, body scrubs, and more. You can bring in five of the pots to your local Lush store, and in return, you'll receive a Fresh Face Mask of your choice, free of charge. Green Matters spoke with Lush spokesperson Eva Cook via email to learn more about how the program works, to find out if Lush accepts any of its other packaging for recycling, and to hear about Lush's other sustainability initiatives.