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Source: Sophie Hirsh

“Loop” Review: What I Thought of the Milkman Model Platform’s First Delivery Round


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Amongst the pile of Amazon boxes and plastic envelopes cluttering my apartment building’s lobby on Wednesday night, May 29, was a package I know my neighbors have never seen before: the reusable Loop tote. I was one of the lucky few thousand people in the northeastern U.S. to score a first-round membership to Loop, the circular online shopping platform that recycling experts TerraCycle launched on May 21. And now that I've experienced a Loop order for myself, I have a lot of thoughts. So if you’re wondering if Loop is worth participating in — and paying for — read on for my detailed review.

Earlier this month, I interviewed Loop's VP of Global Business Development, Tony Rossi, who had me extremely excited to try out Loop. As soon as I received the email that I’d been approved for a membership last week, I eagerly signed up and spent 20 minutes carefully filling my cart with grocery items that would be delivered in returnable containers, that I can send back for Loop to sanitize and refill for other customers. And while Rossi warned me that Loop’s “prices might be a premium versus the on-shelf equivalent,” my jaw dropped when the total for four pantry items came to nearly $85. That total included shipping, which was a whopping $20, as well as the refundable deposits on the Loop tote and each of the reusable containers.