Earth Stories: Earth Day 2022

Earth Stories
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For Earth Day 2022, we present #EarthStories: A week of programming here on Green Matters where we’ll be sharing the inspiring stories of various activists, changemakers, and entrepreneurs in the environmental space.

At Green Matters, we are big fans of Dr. Jane Goodall, who has been fighting to protect the planet, humanity, and animals for decades. "Being angry and pointing fingers, you won’t get anywhere. You just have to reach people’s hearts. And the best way I know is to tell stories,” she told KK Ottesen for her book Activist: Portraits of Courage.

Throughout her years as a popular activist, Dr. Goodall has proven the effectiveness of storytelling as a means of changing minds and hearts. So, taking a page from her book, we are dedicating Earth Day 2022 to telling the stories of environmentalists — stories that will hopefully inspire readers to become more dedicated to climate action, sustainable living, and changing the world.

So stay tuned for Green Matters’ Earth Stories programming this week — and happy Earth Day!

Latest Earth Stories: Earth Day 2022 News and Updates

  • Maya Penn activist

    How 22-Year-Old Climate Activist Maya Penn Stays Motivated Amidst Eco-Anxiety (Exclusive)

    If you are looking for some inspiration and motivation within the climate movement, look no further than Maya Penn.
    By Sophie Hirsh
  • Devishi Jha Harvard

    Devishi Jha, Harvard Student and Sustainability Entrepreneur, Shares Her Climate Activism Advice (Exclusive)

    We spoke with sustainability entrepreneur and Harvard student Devishi Jha about climate activism, ethical business, and more, in honor of Earth Day.
    By Sophie Hirsh
  • Kinari Webb Health In Harmony

    Kinari Webb of Health in Harmony Talks Saving the Rainforest and Earth Day Plans (Exclusive)

    We spoke with Kinari Webb of Health in Harmony, a nonprofit organization that dedicates money and time to protecting our planet's rainforests.
    By Lizzy Rosenberg
  • CeroWasteCindy
    Sustainable Living

    Cindy Villaseñor of @Cerowastecindy on Her Sustainability Journey (Exclusive)

    We caught up with Cindy Villaseñor, the creator behind @cerowastecindy, who told us about her sustainability journey, which is a work in progress.
    By Lizzy Rosenberg
  • Taylor Bright sustainable fashion

    How TikTok's @SustainableCherub Went From Shopping Addict to Sustainable Fashion Educator (Exclusive)

    Sustainable fashion educator Taylor Bright, aka @sustainablecherub on TikTok, shares her sustainability journey with us in honor of Earth Day.
    By Sophie Hirsh
  • Pure Grit BBQ

    Vegan Restauranteur Dishes on Her New BBQ Restaurant Opening in NYC (Exclusive)

    We caught up with vegan restauranteur Kerry Fitzmaurice, who is opening a new plant-based BBQ restaurant in the heart of New York City.
    By Lizzy Rosenberg
  • Earth Day Soybean Farmer

    A Lifelong Soybean Farmer Shares Sustainable Farming Techniques For Earth Day (Exclusive)

    We spoke with soybean farmer and agtech professional, Tony Mellenthin, about sustainable farming techniques, and his upcoming plans for Earth Day.
    By Sara Belcher
  • Jewish Veg

    Lisa Apfelberg of Jewish Veg on the Intersections Between Judaism, Environmentalism, and "Ethical Eating" (Exclusive)

    Jewish Veg aims to bring the Jewish and vegan communities together, director Lisa Apfelberg tells us exclusively.
    By Sophie Hirsh
  • Earth Day Read Alouds
    Climate Action

    10 Entertaining (and Informative) Books to Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids!

    Are you planning to celebrate Earth Day? Get kids involved and check out our favorite read alouds that will inform the next generation about our planet.
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • Earth Day Trivia

    Earth Day Facts For Kids, For Some Next-Level Trivia

    Earth Day facts for kids: here are the catchiest and the most awe-inspiring pieces of trivia to help your family prepare for Earth Day 2022.
    By Leila Kozma
  • Earth Day Songs for Preschoolers

    These 6 Earth Day Songs Will Get Your Kids Excited to Make Changes For the Planet

    Earth Day is all about learning how to take care of the planet. Here are six songs for your preschoolers to inspire them to get involved and help out.
    By Kori Williams
  • Sean O'Callaghan
    Sustainable Living

    Instagram’s @FatGayVegan on His Sustainability Journey (Exclusive)

    We caught up with the creator behind the popular Instagram account @FatGayVegan to discuss his sustainability journey for our Earth Stories series.
    By Lizzy Rosenberg
  • Ryan's Recycling

    12-Year-Old CEO Ryan Hickman Has Recycled 1.6 Million Bottles (Exclusive)

    Ryan Hickman, CEO of Ryan's Recycling, shares his environmentalist journey with us in honor of Earth Day.
    By Sophie Hirsh
  • Three Trees
    Big Impact

    Creator of Three Trees Almond Milk Shares Her Wisdom and Earth Day Plans (Exclusive)

    We caught up with Jenny Eu, the entrepreneur behind popular almond milk company, Three Trees. She shed some light on her sustainability journey.
    By Lizzy Rosenberg
  • Earth Day Posters
    Big Impact

    Earth Day Poster Ideas for Any Upcoming Celebrations

    Celebrating Earth Day isn't exclusive to April 22, so here are a few poster ideas for your next classroom lesson or environmental protest.
    By Anna Garrison
  • Sophia Bush
    Big Impact

    Sophia Bush Shares Activism Advice for Earth Day: “Remember the Power of Your Voice” (Exclusive)

    We recently chatted with Sophia Bush in honor of Earth Day, and the actress and activist shared her advice for activism, sustainable living tips, and more.
    By Sophie Hirsh
  • What to Watch on Earth Day
    Go Green

    Celebrate Earth Day With These Informative Documentaries That You Can Stream!

    From information on how our planet has been impacted by climate change to the beauty of national parks, here's what to watch to celebrate Earth Day.
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • Earth day events
    Big Impact

    Earth Day 2022 Events That You Can Attend Around the World

    Every April, Earth Day is celebrated all month long. But people around the world are taking part. Here are events you can attend across the globe.
    By Kori Williams
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