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Best Environmental Charities to Donate To


From innovation to energy to pollution to agriculture, there are numerous facets of the fight for climate justice. That said, there are also numerous non-profit organizations in need of donations to help them effectively combat the climate crisis. With so many out there, how on Earth are you supposed to decide where to make a donation?

To help you weed through the pack and find the best environmental charities to donate to, read on for our tips and charity recommendations.

How to Find Good Charities to Donate to

Before donating your hard-earned money, always do your research. It’s important to make sure a charity discloses what it does with donations, and that the money will be used to directly support its cause. If there’s an organization you’re interested in supporting, you can go to its website and look around on their About page, Donate page, or FAQ page for more info on how it uses donations.

A great way to find reputable U.S.-based charities is through the website Charity Navigator, which itself is a 501(c)(3) organization. Charity Navigator evaluates charities based on a variety of factors, and rates them out of four stars.