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Source: iStock

UN Encourages Companies That Use Animals in Their Ads to Donate to Conservation Efforts


In today’s world, there’s no way to avoid advertising; whether you see ads on your phone, in the newspaper, on TV, or waiting for the bus,  there’s no getting around ads. In fact, in 2007, an advertising firm researched and found that the average person sees 5,000 ads a day — so we can only imagine that that number has increased significantly in the past decade. 

Now, the United Nations Developmental Programme (UNDP) is encouraging these huge companies who use animals to market their brands to give back to conservation efforts. At the heart of the initiative, which was first announced last fall, is a fund called The Lion’s Share, which calls on partners using animals to promote their products to donate a mere .5 percent of the media spend to the fund. As The Lion’s Share notes, the use of animals is extended beyond just real animals — even ads with cartoon or computer-generated animals are also encouraged to get involved and donate.