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Source: ISTOCK

IBM Develops Innovative Recycling System For Fabric, Dirty Plastic Bottles, and More


With so many issues surrounding plastic recycling in the U.S., it's imperative that the country finds new ways to make recycling more accessible and sustainable. So luckily, technology company IBM is hard at work on an innovation that just may change the face of plastic recycling as we know it. The company's new device can powerfully break down materials that are often difficult to recycle — here's everything we know about the technology so far.

As reported by Fast Company, Silicon Valley-based IBM developers recently invented a pressure reactor that uses a new recycling method, called VolCat. The device has the ability to break down fabric made of a cotton and polyester blend. The machine will separate the two materials, spinning the natural cotton fibers into a ball, and breaking down the polyester into a powder. The machine also recycles dirty hard plastics (from bottles to containers), by breaking the items down into powder that can be used to make new plastic products. And according to a video that IBM shared on YouTube, the machine will not require any sorting or washing at all. Not to mention, VolCat will even be able to process items that are typically very hard to recycle, including clothing, carpets, toys, buckets, and more.