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11 Of The Safest Laundry Detergents On The Market

By Nicole Caldwell

Every day, we hear about another dangerous toxin in the products we put on our bodies. But while many of those chemicals are things we temporarily put against our hair, skin, or fingernails, laundry detergent leaves its residue on our clothes and sheets. And those fabrics get draped around us, in direct contact with our skin, for hours and hours at a time. 

No laundry detergent is rinsed out entirely through the wash, so it gets inhaled throughout our mouths and noses, and absorbed through our skin. If there are ingredients in laundry detergent that are irritants, we can suffer everything from hives or itchy eyes to endocrine disruption (meaning, they may mess with our hormones).   

But how to determine which detergents are safest? We cut through the greenwashing to discern what’s safest for the environment, our health, and worth every penny. To do so, we enlisted the help of the Environmental Working Group’s A to F ranking system. Here are our top contenders.  

1. Tangie Laundry Paste Concentrate

Tangie’s laundry paste concentrate comes as a stick that you dilute in water in a reusable container of your own choosing. Each order comes with printed instructions for dilution and use, a sticker to label said container, and one stick that will make enough solution to clean 264 loads of laundry. The concentrate is made out of plant-based soaps and liquids extracted from nuts using solar ovens. Toss in some yucca powder and baking soda, and you’ve got yourself a product that scored a solid A with the EWG.   

Cost: $23 per stick (6 cents/load)

2. Sun and Earth Laundry Detergent, Light Citrus

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Sun and Earth has one goal: to make cleaners as effective as chemical-based brands, naturally. They’ve been doing just that since 1988—making them one of the most trusted green brands on the market. Their light citrus laundry detergent scored an A for the EWG’s ranking system, so you know it’s free of harsh chemicals and dyes, hypoallergenic, and gentle on the planet.   

Cost: $16.95 (about 16 cents/load) 

3. Seventh Generation

No surprise here—Seventh Generation has carved out a trusted niche for itself and scored mainstream acceptance for its various cleaners. Three of the company’s laundry detergents get an A from the EWG, and consistently ranks well with its client base.   

Cost: $11.62 (17 cents/load)