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Source: Flickr/Alex Steffler

TerraCycle Helps You Recycle Wine Corks, Batteries, And Other "Non Recyclables"

By Kristin Hunt

We all want to recycle, but sometimes, we’re stuck with objects that don’t have an obvious place in the blue bin. Dead batteries? Old paint sets? Frayed tennis balls? Can any of it actually be recycled? City sanitation might not collect these items, but luckily, TerraCycle will.

TerraCycle started in the agriculture industry, selling a sustainable fertilizer made from worm poop. But now, it’s on a mission to reduce waste across the board by helping consumers “recycle everything” — even the stuff that seems impossible. 

TerraCycle provides waste boxes specially designed to collect coffee capsules, cigarette butts, and other hard-to-recycle trash. When the boxes are full, consumers can mail them back to TerraCycle, which finds a new use for the items.