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Source: Courtesy of Veganuary

Why Veganuary Is the Perfect New Year’s Resolution for Reducing Your Impact in 2020


With the climate crisis accelerating at the fastest rate we've ever seen and with vegan options at the top of their game, there’s no time like the present to try living a vegan lifestyle. Eating plant-based has a significantly lower environmental impact than any other diet, including a vegetarian, pescatarian, or meat-eating diet; veganism is the kindest diet for animals; and a diet rich in plants is generally healthier than one filled with animal products.

A great way to dip your toes into the vegan lifestyle is by participating in Veganuary for the month of January. Veganuary is a registered charity that encourages people to sign the Veganuary pledge to follow a vegan diet for 31 days. Most people sign the pledge for the month of January (it’s the perfect New Year’s resolution), though you can sign up for it any time of year. After signing the pledge, Veganuary will send you structured daily emails for 31 days with recipes, meal plans, tips, information about the impact of veganism, and more.

For the month of January 2020, Veganuary has a goal of garnering 350,000 participants worldwide. The total number of Veganuary participants goes up every year — and interestingly, so does the number of people signing up for environmental reasons. According to data Veganuary shared with Green Matters, 17 percent of people who signed up for Veganuary 2020 so far have cited the environment as their motivation for participating, compared to last year’s total of 12 percent.

To learn more about why 2020 is the perfect year to participate in Veganuary, we interviewed Wendy Matthews, the U.S. Director of Veganuary. Over the phone, Matthews explained to Green Matters how participating in Veganuary can lower your environmental impact, how to get started (hint: veganize your favorite meals), and why perfection isn’t everything.

Source: Courtesy of Veganuary