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Source: istock

Which Major Fashion Brands Are the Least Terrible? This Report Ranked Forever 21, North Face, and More


The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful industries on Earth, accounting for more than 8 percent of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions, according to the New York Times. Yet somehow, so many companies claim to be sustainable and ethical. So to help consumers weed through all that the nonprofit Green America ranked 14 of the largest fashion corporations (some of which own multiple stores) in the U.S., in a report called Toxic Textiles.

Green America is a nonprofit organization with a mission of helping businesses to create a socially and environmentally sustainable society. The full Toxic Textiles report is an in-depth analysis of the fashion industry in the U.S., and the most interesting part is Green America's scorecard ranking 14 major American fashion companies. Green America chose these 14 brands because they are "readily accessible to consumers" and are primarily single-brand retailers (at least in the fashion department), meaning they mostly sell their own products.