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Source: Courtesy of Nuuly

Urban Outfitters Launches Nuuly, A Clothing Rental Subscription


If you've bought more boho-chic fast fashion than you'd like to admit over the last decade or two, you'll soon be able to acquire even more — via rental. Urban Outfitters Inc., also known as URBN, is rolling out a clothing rental service called Nuuly. The new, U.S.-based platform will offer clothes from its three stores — Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie — as well as a slew of other brands and some vintage pieces. Renting clothes is a popular sustainable alternative to fast fashion — but what about when the companies involved are part of the fast fashion problem?

URBN shared the news with Green Matters in a press release, published Monday, May 21. Here's how Nuuly will work: For an $88 monthly fee, subscribers will receive one six-item box every month. Customers can choose the six styles from Nuuly's website, and then keep and wear the six items all month-long. At the end of the month, subscribers can choose to purchase any of the items they'd like to keep at a discounted rate, as well as order a new six-item box for the following month.