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Source: Kiehl's

Recycling Literally Pays Off at These 7 Beauty Companies


For most companies, what happens to their product when it reaches the end of its lifecycle is largely out of the company's control; even if they use recycled materials, they don’t know if the consumer will recycle the product when it's empty, or recycle it so the life of the materials can be expanded just a little bit longer. Some beauty companies are hoping to change that — by rewarding their customers for recycling and returning their empty products when they’re done with them. 

Sure, it sounds a little bit like bribery — but they do it for a reason: incentivizing works. Lush offers free products in exchange for Lushies who bring back their empties (which is just what makeup and skincare enthusiasts call the products they completely use up and, well, empty), and last year alone, they collected more than a million black pots that could have otherwise ended up in the landfill or not properly recycled. Instead, they helped make more black pots to hold more beloved Lush products.