How to Crochet a Triangle: A Quick Tutorial and Beginner-Friendly Project Ideas

Learning how to crochet different shapes can be a total game-changer when attempting larger, more complex patterns.

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Mar. 25 2024, Published 1:08 p.m. ET

A white crochet triangle on a dark wood table.
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Learning how to crochet a triangle might seem random, but you can actually use this skill to create all kinds of other projects. A simple shape can be transformed into many different fun and practical items.

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From garlands to bandanas, the possibilities are endless. Keep reading to learn more about crochet triangles, how to make them, and the best patterns to try.

What can you do with crochet triangles?

A green crocheted triangle swimsuit top on a white table next to some small rocks.
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Even though it might seem useless, learning how to crochet a triangle can be a stepping-stone or a foundational piece of larger, future projects.

Triangles can be used to create garlands, bandanas, blankets, pillows, decorative borders, and more. Some patterns use a single triangle, while others use multiple—either way, crocheters can turn something simple into something bigger and better.

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However, you can also crochet triangles just for practice. Most patterns are quick and easy — plus, only an understanding of basic stitches is typically required. These types of projects are great for beginners looking to improve their skills.

For most triangle crochet patterns, you will only need a darning needle, hook, yarn, and scissors. These basic supplies can be found at craft stores and in the yarn section of most supermarkets.

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If you’re new to crocheting and don’t want to buy brand-new supplies, it’s best to check out secondhand stores or online resources, such as Facebook Marketplace. This isn’t just better for your wallet — it’s better for the planet, too.

How to crochet a triangle:

While there are many different crochet triangle patterns, the granny triangle is one of the easiest. This pattern from Bella Coco Crochet requires few supplies and is doable with any skill set.

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As mentioned previously, you will need yarn, a darning needle, a hook, and scissors. When it comes to yarn, make sure you choose a material that is easy to work with. Medium-weight acrylic yarn tends to be the top option for beginners. If you’re more experienced, simply choose what works best for you.

Once you’ve gathered the correct materials, it’s time to begin! Don’t worry; this project is super quick. Plus, you only need to know how to chain, double crochet, and create a slip stitch — it doesn’t get any easier than that.

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A hook holding a chain of four created with a multi-colored yarn.
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Grab your yarn and hook, and start the pattern by chaining four. After chaining four, join the chains with a slip stitch by inserting your hook into the first chain. This will make a small circle or loop.

Begin row one by chaining four — this chain acts as a double crochet and a chain one. Next, insert three double crochets into the middle of the circle and chain two. Make three double crochets again, but only chain one this time. To finish the first row, insert one more double crochet.

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For the second row, start by chaining four and turning your work. Insert three double crochet stitches into the first chain space, and then chain one. In the second chain space, make three double crochets, chain two, and insert three more double crochets. Complete the second row by chaining one, inserting three double crochets, and chaining one again.

If you’re making a triangle to use as a small decorative piece — such as a border on a blanket — you can stop here! For larger projects, you can keep adding rows and increasing your work by repeating the pattern.

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