What Is a Magic Loop? How to Master This Handy Crochet Technique in No Time

Rayna Skiver - Author

Jan. 4 2024, Published 3:40 p.m. ET

Person crocheting a light pink flower with a blue crochet hook.
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If you’re new to crocheting, you’ve probably heard the term “magic loop” a few times and have no idea what it means. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered — this magic ring isn’t as spooky as it sounds.

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This textile art is rich with different techniques and strategies to try. Keep reading to learn more about the magic loop in crochet, its purpose, and how to make one during your next project.

What is a magic loop in crochet?

Close up of a blue and pink crochet circle.
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A magic loop — also commonly referred to as a magic ring or a magic circle — is a crochet technique that allows crafters to start a project with an adjustable loop rather than a traditional chain, according to Sarah Maker.

Most beginners are accustomed to starting patterns with a chain and working into one of the loops. This method tends to be the easiest way of kicking off a new project, but it’s not always the best.

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When working on items like hats, socks, round coasters, and amigurumi characters, the classic chain four method isn’t ideal. While it’s true that it gets the job done, it’s not foolproof. This is because the chaining strategy usually leaves a small hole behind, which isn’t a feature most crocheters want — especially if they’re making something that is expected to be free of openings.

This is when the magic circle comes into play. When starting with this method, instead of chaining four, you don’t have to worry about any holes. Once you’ve reached the end of a pattern, simply pull on the yarn to close the ring completely.

There’s just one problem with magic loops: It’s not the easiest to learn. Many people struggle with the mechanics of it, but it’s not an impossible feat to overcome. With a bit of practice, you can pick it up in no time.

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How to make a magic loop with crochet:

Don’t let magic rings scare you. They might look confusing and intimidating, but all it takes is the right tutorial for it to click. One of the best ways to learn the concept is by watching a lot of videos or reading a few guides — everyone does it differently, so a single source might not do the trick.

To make a magic circle, it’s best to start with one of the most common methods.

Grab your yarn and lay the tail end against the palm of your non-dominant hand. The tail should be facing you. While holding the end in place, wrap the working end around the back of your index, middle, and ring finger, making an X in the front. Use your thumb to hold the yarn in place.

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Twist your hand so that your palm is facing down — the strands of yarn should be parallel on this side. Take your crochet hook (with the hook facing down) and insert it under the first strand of yarn and over the second strand, working from right to left if you’re right-handed.

Grab the left strand with your hook and slide it under the right strand. While you’re pulling up a loop, twist the hook towards you. Now, it should be facing you instead of your hand. Slide under the same strand (the left), and twist your hook while lifting the yarn. This should create a small space that you can pull the hook through.

Place a finger on the hook and slowly remove your fingers from the circle. Congratulations, your magic ring is complete! It might take a while for muscle memory to kick in, so keep practicing.

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