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Sara Belcher is a freelance writer from Upstate New York. Her passions include words, iced coffee, and plant-based proteins.

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  • 'Bee Simulator'

    5 Eco-Friendly Video Games to Help You Better Understand the Climate Crisis

    There are plenty of video games on the market, but these games will get you thinking and help you better understand the ongoing climate crisis.
    By Sara Belcher
  • Earth Day Soybean Farmer

    A Lifelong Soybean Farmer Shares Sustainable Farming Techniques For Earth Day (Exclusive)

    We spoke with soybean farmer and agtech professional, Tony Mellenthin, about sustainable farming techniques, and his upcoming plans for Earth Day.
    By Sara Belcher
  • Hissing cockroaches

    Tips on Getting Rid of Household Pests (Safely)

    Unwanted pests have ways of getting into your home — here are some environmentally-safe extermination tips for home extermination.
    By Sara Belcher
  • Termites

    Think You May Have Termites? Look for These Signs

    A termite problem is something you shouldn't ignore, as these pests can wreck a lot of havoc on your home. How do I know if I have termites?
    By Sara Belcher
  • Princess Polly

    Are Princess Polly's Low Prices Too Good to Be True? A Look Into the Fast Fashion Brand's Ethics

    Princess Polly has become a favorite brand among influencers, but is the company's clothing good quality and ethically sourced? Here's the scoop.
    By Sara Belcher
  • Vegan Cheese

    You Can Make Better Vegan Cheese in Your Kitchen (With Some Trial and Error)

    Letting go of cheese is the hardest part of going vegan for many — thankfully you can make vegan cheese in your own kitchen. Here's how.
    By Sara Belcher
  • airpods case
    Small Changes

    Protect Your Airpods — And the Environment — With These Eco-Friendly Cases

    When it comes to picking a case for your Airpods, don't buy just another one on Amazon. Here are some eco-friendly options to protect your headphones.
    By Sara Belcher
  • Contact Lenses

    Stop Flushing Your Contact Lenses Down the Drain — Recycle Them Instead

    Most contact lenses are made with plastic, and while you can't recycle them curbside, here's how you can recycle them.
    By Sara Belcher
  • Light Bulb
    Clean Energy

    Rechargeable Light Bulbs Are Helpful in a Pinch — Here Are the Best Options Out There

    Rechargeable light bulbs are a newer way to be more eco-friendly while also helping you out in a pinch, should you lose power unexpectedly.
    By Sara Belcher
  • 'Climate Changed,' 'I'm Not a Plastic Bag,' and 'Great Pacific: Trashed'
    Environmental Justice

    6 Graphic Novels That Discuss the Ongoing Climate Crisis

    Talking about climate change can be difficult, so instead of stumbling through a conversation, give one of these six environmental graphic novels to a friend.
    By Sara Belcher
  • 'Wasteland'
    Environmental Justice

    Paramount Plus Docuseries 'Wasteland' Explores America's Collapsing Sewer System

    Paramount Plus is bringing subscribers the new docuseries 'Wasteland,' exploring the collapsing sewer systems in the U.S. — here's how to watch.
    By Sara Belcher
  • chase stokes

    Chase Stokes Reveals He'll Be Adding Vegan Options to His Summer BBQ — Exclusive

    As the star of 'Outer Banks' Chase Stokes admits that environmental conservation is important to him — but is the star actually vegan?

    By Sara Belcher
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