Protect Your Airpods — And the Environment — With These Eco-Friendly Cases


Mar. 7 2022, Published 10:21 a.m. ET

When it comes to picking out an Airpods case, you want something that is both stylish and doesn't break the bank — but you also don't want something that negatively impacts the environment. Thankfully, there are enough options on the market that allow you to have style and to be environmentally friendly (without spending a fortune, of course!).

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Although you may need to invest a bit more money to purchase an eco-friendly option, instead of a cheaply manufactured one from Amazon, you're bound to find something in your price range that you'll love.


If Pela hasn't come up in your Instagram ads yet, then you probably don't know that their products are made with plant-based, compostable materials. A Pela case ($29.95) is made with Flaxstic, a material made from "compostable bioplastic elastomer and flax straw materials." The company offers free international shipping and a portion of all sales are donated to various environmental organizations.

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Lifeproof is known for making cases that will protect your electronic devices from just about anything. The brand's Airpods Pro case ($29.99) comes in seven different colors, and is made with 75 percent recycled ocean-based plastic. A small portion of the proceeds goes toward one of their non-profit partners.


Casetify has an entire line of cases for your phone and Custom Compostable Airpods Cases ($35) that are completely compostable, as its made from non-toxic bamboo-based materials. All of the company's packaging is also recyclable, which makes this one purchase totally guilt-free.

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Another great option is to purchase an Airpods case from an independent seller on Etsy. By doing this, you're contributing to a slower production process (which is overall better for the environment) while helping a small business.

There are plenty of options and plenty that can be customized to fit your personal style. Even if you can't find one that's compostable or otherwise eco-friendly, buying things that are handmade is typically better for the planet than picking something mass-produced.

Consider shopping secondhand

While all of the above options are great ideas, truly the most sustainable option is to purchase one secondhand. Instead of buying something brand new, which requires the production of new materials, finding one secondhand is easily the most eco-friendly way to protect your Airpods.

Really, there are plenty of ways to acquire an Airpods case to protect your headphones without breaking the bank (or the environment).

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