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Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly School Lunches: Recipes, Lunchboxes, and Everything Else Your Kid May Need


When I was in middle school, the coolest way to pack your lunch was in a paper bag filled with a bunch of small plastic bags, a single-use plastic water bottle, and a paper napkin. (And a sweet note from my mom, of course.) Sure, a lunch packaged with all that trash may have helped me fit in (or not, since I was still pretty uncool), but it definitely didn’t do anything good for my environmental footprint.

Now that living sustainably is much more mainstream, I would hope that most kids in 2019 are comfortable bringing their food in eco-friendly lunchboxes filled with reusable containers, reusable water bottles, and Earth-friendly foods. So with back to school season upon us, now is the perfect time to share a few ways to pack a zero-waste lunchbox for your child. Read on for our advice on making your kid’s lunch food low-waste, and for a list of items you can buy (either new or secondhand, of course) to help reduce waste in their lunchbox.

Eco-Friendly Lunchboxes and Totes

While most lunchboxes are made from plastic, there are plenty of more sustainable options on the market that will help keep your kiddo’s lunch fresh all the way from first period until lunchtime. Here are a few recommendations: