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Source: Courtesy of MUSE

This School Cafeteria Is the 'Greenest Restaurant in the World,' So We Interviewed Co-Founder Rebecca Amis


“Parents want a school, but we want a planet," Rebecca Amis tells Green Matters. "We want an Earth the kids can be on in 10 years."

Rebecca Amis is Chief Innovation Officer and co-founder of MUSE School CA, a sustainability-focused, plant-based private day school for students aged 2 through 18, located in Calabasas, Calif. To learn more about the school, why it’s important to teach kids about sustainability, how to get children interested in going green, and how the MUSE Kitchen earned the title of Greenest Restaurant in the World, Green Matters recently caught up with Rebecca Amis over the phone.

“My background is in early childhood education, so my focus was always on teaching young children and why it’s so important,” Amis tells Green Matters. “So from 0 to 5, their brain development is unbelievable … that’s the time when their brains are developing, they are retaining so much information. It’s why it's the best time to teach children second, and third, and fourth languages — because they are able to grasp it and pull it into their brains like a sponge. Just as it is important to teach them the language of sustainability at such a young age, because they become fluent. And it’s second nature to them.”