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Source: istock

Plastic Free July: 5 Tips for Reducing Disposables for the Summer Challenge


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The zero-waste movement goes on every day — but if there's any time to get started, it's now. For the entire month of July, people all over the world will take part in Plastic Free July, a global challenge to reduce personal consumption of single-use plastic. The prospect of not using any plastic for an entire month may sound impossible — and unfortunately, it pretty much is. But that's not meant to be discouraging. It's meant to show that Plastic Free July isn't about perfection (and neither is the zero-waste movement), so don't let the fear of not being perfect hold you back from trying. Instead, it's all about reducing plastic in a way that works for your lifestyle — while still challenging yourself, of course.

Plastic Free July first began in Australia in 2011. In 2017, the campaign's founder Rebecca Prince-Ruiz and a group of people from her local government formed a non-profit called The Plastic Free Foundation, which is the official organization that runs Plastic Free July. In 2018, a total of 120 million people participated — and 90 percent of those participants made permanent habit changes beyond July, according to Green Queen.