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Source: congerdesign

16 Replacements For The Most Common Disposable Products In Your Home

By Nicole Caldwell

Too often, we can get into the habit of using more than we need to. We buy, we use, and we throw away. It’s the opposite of sustainability, and it’s wreaking havoc on our planet. But there’s an easy way to throw a kink into the system—and that’s by no longer wasting our money on disposable products that have easy, cheap, and often renewable stand-ins.

Here are 16 of the most common disposable household products—and alternatives you can use starting right now.

Paper towels 

Cloth napkins, fabric squares from stained or ripped clothing, and even newspapers you’ve already read and junk mail fliers are all perfect stand-ins for paper towels. Any fabrics can be thrown in with other loads of laundry, and paper products like newspaper can be composted.