These Dog-Friendly Couch Fabrics Are Winners With Humans and Pups


Dec. 26 2023, Published 12:43 p.m. ET

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The Gist:

  • Discover the best couch materials for dogs: We’re talking durable, stain-resistant, and eco-friendly.
  • Consider your dog's activity level and your style preferences to find the ideal fabric that both you and your furry companion will love.
  • A dog-friendly couch is only half the battle won. Make sure you train your doggo and take them on regular walks.
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Your puppy is part of the family, so they should hang out on the sofa with you. However, concerns about chewed cushions and paw-printed upholstery can make choosing the best couch material for dogs (and cats) stressful.

Between playful paws and enthusiastic tail wags, the ideal fabric must be as durable as it is comfortable. And when sustainability is a priority, finding eco-friendly materials becomes an additional layer in the decision-making process.

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Here are some of the best couch materials for dogs.

We've found five couch material options that tick the resilience and eco-friendly boxes. From stain-resistant fabrics to timeless classics, each offers unique advantages to withstand the wear and tear of those happy dog-filled days.

Which you ultimately go with will depend on your pup's personality, activity level, and style preferences. (Although, if you're like most animal-loving humans, your preference will be whatever your pooch likes best.)

1. Crypton

Renowned for its near-impervious stain resistance, Crypton's sustainably produced fabrics are made with pets in mind. The material easily releases dirt and hair with a simple wipe, while its tight weave is snag-proof and breathable, making it ideal for active pups and cozy cuddle sessions.

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2. Microfiber

Known for its durability and resistance to stains, Microfiber is an excellent choice for dog-friendly couches. Apartment Therapy polled their readers, and the feedback was largely positive. However, some did mention that it creates a lot of static. It’s also not as eco-friendly as some of the other materials in this roundup.

3. Canvas

This traditional favorite's inherent toughness translates perfectly to a pooch-friendly environment. Better Homes & Gardens says canvas is tear-resistant and easy to clean. For an environmentally friendly option, Sewport recommends choosing an organic fabric that isn't coated with PVC.

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4. Denim

The rugged nature of denim makes it a champion against playful fur friends. Carpet and upholstery experts Heaven’s Best say denim can handle pets' scratching, clawing, and general wear and tear with relative ease. Consider organic or recycled denim for an eco-friendly choice.

5. Olefin

As dog-friendly sofa material goes, Cosmopolitan claims olefin fiber is the perfect choice. Made of propylene gas and ethylene, this synthetic polymer is lightweight, durable, and remarkably resistant to stains. According to Green Nettle Textiles, it’s also eco-friendly.

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Final thoughts on dog-friendly sofas.

Every dog is an individual, so consider your companion’s personality and activity level when selecting the fabric for your new couch. While some canine companions enjoy nothing more than Netflix and chill with their humans, others see a sofa as part of an obstacle course.

Regular grooming, training, and providing chewing toys and digging outlets will also extend the life of your couch. Most importantly, go on many walks together to burn off that excess energy.

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