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7 Eco-Friendly Products Perfect For Your Family Pet


It is estimated that this year alone pet owners in the United States will spend about 72 billion dollars on their beloved critters. Whether they’re furry, slimy, or feathered, it’s clear that people are more connected with their little companions than ever and want the best for them. Still, some toys and supplies are not always ideal for a healthy pet or environment. Below we've rounded up seven green products for almost every type of animal enthusiast and their pets. 

1. Fish Lovers

This is MY #cichlidstones Photo by @ajfcichlids

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For aquatic pet owners, stone caves are a nice nook for their fish to feel at home. Underwater Galleries makes special ceramic stones that look natural and give fish a little hideout so they can feel stress free. These little dwellings are safe for fish and plants since they aren’t made with any resins, lead paint, or petroleum materials. Perfect for fish like cichlids or guppies, you can pick one up here