Plant Based Gabriel Turned to Veganism and It Changed His Life for the Better


Oct. 11 2021, Published 10:44 a.m. ET

You may be unfamiliar with the name Plant Based Gabriel, and that’s probably because, like so many internet personalities before him, this ex-football player turned nutritionist, chef, and author didn’t intend to become famous when he first started out. But who is Plant Based Gabriel, and how did his foray into veganism grant him a brand new perspective on the world?

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Who is Plant Based Gabriel?

Plant Based Gabriel is an influencer, blogger, chef, speaker, and author who has turned his trials and tribulations into a life-changing story about how important dietary decisions can become the catalyst for a whole new life. But the man that we know as the Plant Based Gabriel is a very different man from the one he used to be, and he'll be the first person to tell you this.

As Gabriel Miller, the football-playing, livestock-studying college student, Miller never intended for things to go as they did. But injury, disappointment, and a life-threatening need for change turned out to be the shot in the arm Miller needed to improve his life for the better.

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Plant Based Gabriel chose to play football in college.

According to the Plant Based Gabriel website, Miller’s professional football career started and unceremoniously ended at the University of Nebraska. As a relatively large young man, football seemed the natural choice for the college freshman. It also happened to be a sport that Miller’s father had played all the way up until college.

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Football was a good outlet for Miller, but it was not his only focus during college. While he played, he pursued a degree in livestock production, a career that would become somewhat ironic later on. Things were going well for Miller. He excelled in school and was a starting player for a well-known college team, but then, disaster struck.

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Gabriel’s football injury created a need for change.

Miller's game-ending injury didn’t happen on the field. In an epic struggle that saw him get the final touchdown, it happened during an offseason workout. According to an interview with Eat Plant-Based, Miller suffered a catastrophic back injury while working out that forever shattered all his hopes of finishing out his college football career.

As he struggled to get back on his feet, Miller, who told Eat Plant-Based that he was obese at the time, put on more weight than ever. Eventually, he had to have surgery on his back to restore his mobility to a state where he could live a normal life once more. The recovery was long and arduous, and though he tried many protein-based diets such as keto, low carb, and Atkins, he failed to lose the necessary weight. Then, he discovered veganism.

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Gabriel struggled with what his professors and doctors were telling him.

As it happened, Miller’s studies into livestock production had raised a lot of internal questions along the way. According to the Plant Based Gabriel website, the subject was so rife with contradictions regarding health, the environment, and animal welfare, that Miller often doubted his place within the program. Still, Miller resolved to complete his degree, but he also did his research about more ethical and sustainable agricultural practices at the same time.

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A vegan diet ultimately saved Gabriel’s life.

Switching to a vegan diet allowed Miller to lose the weight he needed to begin his recovery in earnest. Soon enough, he was 100 pounds lighter than his playing weight, and he had begun using his knowledge and understanding of plant-based diets to positively influence the lives of others.

Plant Based Gabriel and his wife are raising their daughter, while he runs his business.

Today, the Plant Based Gabriel blog, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter pages have helped countless individuals find their own vegan path. Today, he works on his vegan and organic vegetable farm while continuing to create amazing plant-based content and recipes and raising a family. Miller currently lives with his wife Erica and his daughter Brigette in Richmond, Va.

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