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New Study Confirms People Value Corporate Sustainability When Deciding Where to Work

By Carly Sitzer

There a lot of factors to consider when you’re changing places of work — your new job, the salary, the benefits, the office culture. New research has found that there’s another — possibly surprising — factor to be considered by employers when they’re looking to secure and retain top talent: Their carbon footprint. 

Swytch, a blockchain-based clean energy platform, recently conducted a survey of 1,000 employees at large (5,000-plus employees) companies based in the United States, and found that sustainable practices was an important factor to be considered when those individuals were considering where to work; of the respondents, 30 percent said that it would be a dealbreaker if a company they were considering had no sustainable initiatives in place on a corporate level.

More than 10 percent said that they would be willing to accept a salary decrease of $5,000 to $10,000 in order to work for a company that made sustainability a top priority. The findings also report that 30 percent said they accepted one job over another because one company practiced sustainability on a corporate level, with more than 10 percent saying they’ve made this decision when faced with it on more than one occasion.