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Source: Stocksnap

These 5 Companies Are Ditching Plastic Straws

By Koty Neelis

500 million plastic straws are used in America every day but they may soon be on the way out. More companies, major brands, and cities are doubling down on their sustainability initiatives and implementing straw bans as consumers become increasingly aware of the impact plastic pollution has on the environment and ocean life, thanks to popular social media campaigns by celebrities. 

From Lonely Whale's "Strawless In September" with actor Adrian Grenier at the forefront to Oscar-winner Javiar Bardem advocating to protect the Antarctic in a global campaign to create the world's largest ocean sanctuary, more celebrities are using their influence to highlight environmental issues.   

While most of us know why plastic straws are bad for the environment it's easy to get lost in the sea of headlines surrounding which companies are announcing straw bans. Here are five companies that have pledged to phase out the use of plastic straws.

1. Starbucks