How to Stream Oscar-Nominated Documentary 'All That Breathes' Before the Ceremony

Sophie Hirsh - Author

Feb. 6 2023, Published 4:01 p.m. ET

Mohammad Saud in 'All That Breathes'
Source: Courtesy of HBO

Mohammad Saud in 'All That Breathes'

One of the Oscar-nominated films in the Best Documentary Feature category this year is an environmental story, showing two brothers' dedication to wildlife conservation as they work to protect an important species in India. The documentary, All That Breathes, is finally coming to a wide audience via streaming a few weeks ahead of the Academy Awards.

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Keep reading to learn more about All That Breathes, the species that the documentary centers on, and how to watch All That Breathes.

'All That Breathes'
Source: Courtesy of HBO

Mohammad Saud and Salik Rehman work on a kite

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'All That Breathes' tells the story of two brothers working to protect the black kite in India.

All That Breathes is a new documentary directed by Shaunak Sen, an Indian filmmaker known for his 2015 documentary Cities of Sleep.

The movie focuses on a bird called the black kite, which has been "falling from the sky at alarming rates" in India, according to press materials.

This problem has been happening for decades, according to BBC News.

The ecosystem of New Delhi, which is India's capital city, depends on the black kite. But with the species' mysterious habit of dropping from the sky, the species needs help. And since no one was giving the birds the care they needed, about 20 years ago, two brothers decided to commit their lives to trying to protect the black kite.

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All That Breathes chronicles the two men, known as the "kite brothers," as they spend all their time caring for thousands of black kite birds in a DIY hospital they built in their basement.

The brothers' names are Mohammad Saud and Nadeem Shehzad; in the film, you'll see them joined by Salik Rehman, who has been working with the brothers for years, as per Culture Mix.

"The film explores the connection between the kites and the Muslim brothers who help them return to the skies, offering a mesmerizing chronicle of inter-species coexistence," press materials state.

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Watch the trailer for 'All That Breathes,' below:

Why are black kite birds falling from the skies?

Unsurprisingly, the issue of black kites falling from the sky is connected to climate change.

Delhi is known for terrible air pollution — recently, in December 2022, Delhi enacted a “pollution ban,” temporarily halting private construction projects, the use of diesel cars, and more. India's smog problem has also forced schools to shut down.

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Smog makes skies hazy and reduces visibility, and according to Audubon, this causes birds to crash into buildings and get tangled in wires. So as the people of Delhi continue to produce emissions — via burning fossil fuels, doing construction projects, driving gas-powered cars, animal agriculture, and more — the city is creating more smog, which is hurting more kite birds, which harms the area's biodiversity, and gives the kite brothers more work to do.

How to watch 'All That Breathes' before the Oscars:

'All That Breathes' Oscar Nominated Documentary HBO
Source: Courtesy of HBO

If you'd like to watch All That Breathes, you'll have plenty of time to do so before the Oscars. The movie debuts on HBO on Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. Afterwards, it will be available to stream via HBO Max.

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