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Source: pexels

7 Meat-Free Proteins Perfect For The Grill

By Marissa Higgins

It's the middle of summer, and just about everybody is yearning for a dinner on the grill. Whether you're having a family party, date night at home, or just want to get creative with your meal prep, the grill has something for everybody. Traditionally, meat reigns supreme on the grill, but plant-based options are certainly picking up speed. It can be as simple as a couple of vegetables, to as innovative as making your own plant-based wings out of seitan. No matter what you're craving, it's entirely possible to get a healthy amount of protein while keeping your grill meat-free. 

Here are some easy and unique options for your next BBQ. And remember, it's easier than you'd imagine to keep your grill night zero-waste, too.

1. Tofu