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This Solar-Powered Stove Will Change Your Summer Barbecues

By Nicole Caldwell

Most third-grade science classes have experimented with solar cookers for hot dogs and dehydrating produce. The concept is simple: harness and enhance the sun’s rays with mirrors and glass (or clear plastic) to cook food without gas, fire, or charcoal—and without any carbon emissions.

But those contraptions of foil, plastic wrap, mirrors, and cardboard have seen a serious upgrade with solar ovens that can replace your whole barbecue or convection oven—and now, with a new portable stove on the market that heats up five times faster than your classic charcoal grill.

The SolSource Sport, currently being crowdfunded by One Earth Designs, is coming out just in time for summer and has already surpassed $101,000—more than five times its initial fundraising goal of $20,000. That means your backyard (or beachside, rooftop, or waterfront) barbecue may be about to turn a whole lot greener.