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Demand For Meat Alternatives Drives Wheat Protein Industry To $2.15B


The popularity of wheat-based meat replacements is driving the wheat protein market through the roof—to what is expected to be a whopping $2.15 billion dollar industry by 2025. Grand View Research, which authored the study, contributed the ballooning growth to rising health concerns, demand for high nutritional value and protein in health foods, and the popularity of products that may contribute to weight loss.

The gluten-free trend of a few years ago has become a gluten craze today, as demand for meat alternatives continues to rise. The most popular of these replacements achieve meat-like textures with seitan, a wheat-based protein many vegans and vegetarians use to round out their nutrition. The meat-alternatives market alone is expected to reach $5.2 billion by 2020, according to a separate report by Allied Market Research.