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Source: Agence Producteurs Locaux Damien Kühn

Back-Farms Program In Utah Pairs Gardeners With Disadvantaged Seniors


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In recent years, we’ve seen a deepening commitment to connect people with the food they eat. 

The number of community gardens across the country has surged, we’ve seen the return of victory gardens, ramped-up efforts and innovations in urban farming, and you can’t turn around without learning about another at-home aquaponic, hydroponic, vertical, or container garden for your home. But while we invigorate a younger generation and remind people to rethink their own food supply, one demographic too often gets left out of the equation: senior citizens.

Not so with The Green Urban Lunch Box, a non-profit in Salt Lake City, Utah, that has found a unique way to bring elders into the propagation of their own food. Through the charity’s Back-Farms program, Green Urban Lunch Box and area volunteers install organic fruit and vegetable gardens in the yards of low-income senior citizens. The plots are maintained throughout the year by volunteers. It’s a unique program in that region, but one that could be extrapolated in communities all across the U.S. and world.