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Source: pexels

'Make America Green Again' Is A New Campaign To Bring Back 'Victory Gardens'

By Brian Spaen

Limiting plastic use and adding plant-based meals to our diets are easy and common ways to fight climate change. Another fulfilling way to participate is by creating and maintaining a local garden, whether in a community area or at home. Green America is bringing back “Victory Gardens” from earlier World Wars, only changing the focus to winning against carbon emissions.

When the United States were fighting in World War I and II, local communities and troops were supported by fruits and vegetables from Victory Gardens. A massive push led to eight million tons of food, or 40 percent of the produce consumed in the US, grown by close to 20 million gardens by 1944.

Since that time, our country’s population has more than doubled to over 323 million citizens. That amount of people is causing havoc to our environment in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the transportation and electricity sectors each represent 28 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions.