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Source: Urban Leaf

‘World’s Smallest Garden’ Allows You To Grow Fresh Vegetables In Upcycled Bottles

By Nicole Caldwell

Chances are, if you’re not growing your own food, it’s for one of two reasons: You don’t have the time, or you don’t have the space. Or, for a lot of us, these factors are both obstacles.

It’s absolutely true that many gardens do take up space and time—both of which seem to be on a permanent decline for many people in today’s busy, crowded world. But with the advent of aquaculture, hydroponics, and vertical, mulch, community and permaculture gardens, it’s getting trickier and trickier to come up with reasons why any of us shouldn’t at least be growing some of our own food.

Well, even our last two reasons for not gardening have been kicked to the curb with the advent of the World’s Smallest Garden. The self-watering garden from Urban Leaf utilizes upcycled glass bottles and canisters of seeds to give you a variety of herbs and greens year-round with zero effort.