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Source: madewell

These Eco-Friendly Jeans Are Made Using Shrimp Shells

By Marissa Higgins

If you're a fan of fashion, you're likely familiar with millennial heartthrob Madewell. They're both classic and hip, and recently, they've made a unique move in going eco-friendly. As of August 28, Madewell shared that they're making a big change to how they create their denim

What is so unique about Madewell's denim move? They're using shrimp shells. But don't worry, there's a method to this seeming madness. Often, denim uses dyes to achieve its rich blues. Unfortunately, these dyes are often harmful chemicals. In place of these chemicals, Madewell is using fiber from shrimp shells, allowing them to achieve that classic blue and stay toxic-free. 

Source: madewell