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Source: geralt

Company That Creates Leggings Out Of Waste Is The New Face Of Active Wear

By Nicole Caldwell

 A former yoga instructor has created a company that sells yoga wear derived from waste: specifically, plastic bottles, coffee grounds, and crab shells. San Franciscan Melissa Chu started RUMI X in 2015 in response to the foundations of yoga that encourage a connection between ourselves and the world around us. Since then, she's been teaming up with processing facilities that can turn everyday garbage and food waste into vibrant, comfortable, and sensible active wear suitable for yogis, workout enthusiasts, and couch potatoes who like to loaf around in something soft.

Active wear is the new driving force of the apparel industry. 

Research suggests that the apparel industry is poised for a new leader, as active wear is set to give even denim a run for its money by 2020 with a sales market of $83 billion.