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Source: getty

Jaden Smith Is Releasing A Sustainable Denim Line With G-Star

By Brian Spaen

Fresh off the launch of JUST Water, Jaden Smith will be teaming up with G-Star Raw to promote a new sustainable denim coming out this fall. Pharrell Williams, another celebrity that’s a co-owner of the brand, announced the partnership on Monday along with a video of Smith touring their facility in Amsterdam.

G-Star Raw, who focuses on creating denim jeans with environmental protection in mind, launched their most sustainable jeans ever back in January. The Elwood RFTPi jeans use 100 percent organic cotton and are colored with a different indigo dyeing method that cuts back on toxic chemicals and water use. There’s also metal buttons on them instead of zippers.

The company plans to use 90 percent sustainable material for all their products by 2020, including all of their cotton. The RFTPi jeans represent a step in that direction, and they’ve already grown from 28 percent sustainable cotton just two years ago. All of their raw materials are sourced with respect to both animal and human rights.