Call of the Wild: 5 Reasons Why Your Husky Is Screaming, Explained


Jul. 11 2023, Published 10:41 a.m. ET

Two huskies howling.
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Huskies can be very vocal dogs. Videos of how they “talk” to their owners in videos on TikTok and Instagram have gone viral repeatedly out of sheer adorableness. However, sometimes their vocal range reaches a howl or scream, which may not be so cute, especially to your neighbors.

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A husky’s scream usually starts as a howl that escalates an octave or two. Like a well-trained opera singer, these dogs can hold a note for several minutes, much to the chagrin of their owners. So, why do huskies scream, and is it something to be concerned about? Keep reading for five reasons why your pup might be screaming.

A husky puppy.
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Why do huskies scream? They can be a bit dramatic.

Huskies are beautiful dogs; if you decide to add one to your family, you should be aware that they aren’t the quietest dog to have around. They don’t usually bark but instead “talk” and make other vocal noises, reports the website Husky Owner. But if your husky’s howl and talking turns into a scream, you may want to discover why.

1. Your husky wants attention.

Huskies are very social dogs that enjoy the company of their humans and other dogs, Rebecca Meares-Jones of Texas Husky Rescue tells Yahoo Finance. So a husky may howl or scream excitedly when they see their human.

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Just make sure the dog screams because they are happy to see you and not because they suffer from separation anxiety. Separation anxiety can cause a dog to be distressed and destructive around your home.

"An excited husky greeting his owner after an absence with a high-pitched scream or wooing is normal," Meares-Jones tells Yahoo. "Long periods of noise due to separation anxiety is not."

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2. Your husky is hurt.

A husky’s scream may be them trying to tell you something hurts. One husky owner on Reddit discovered her pup had arthritis in his back leg after he started screaming out of the blue. If you’re husky suddenly screams, and that behavior is unusual for them, it may be a good idea to take the dog to your vet to ensure nothing serious happens.

3. Your husky has to use the bathroom.

If your husky is standing by the door screaming, there’s a good chance they want to go outside and do their business. According to, having a bowel routine or schedule where you take the dog out to the bathroom several times a day may help minimize the dramatics and screaming.

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4. Your husky is trying to warn you.

Again, barking is uncommon for a husky. So if a stranger is in your yard and they want to alert you of the possible threat, your husky may howl and scream instead of bark, says When the screaming starts, instead of trying to quiet the dog, figure out what the dog may be trying to warn you about.

5. Your husky is mimicking sounds it hears.

Your husky may start howling and screaming when they hear loud noises like a fire truck or tornado drill siren. While many people often think the dog is reacting because the siren hurts their ears, that’s not the case, reports

Instead, the dog may be trying to alert you to the noise, like in the case of a siren or a crying baby. If your husky starts screaming while you’re singing, they may be trying to sing along or, if your singing is awful, drown you out, per the American Kennel Club.

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