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Source: Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods Wants to Make Plant-Based Fish "More Delicious" Than the Real Thing


Impossible Foods has nailed plant-based beef — and now the $2 billion company is moving onto the next project. To combat the fishing industry's unsustainable nature and cruelty, Impossible Foods is currently developing a fishless fish, the New York Times reports.

Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown told the New York Times that so far, the company has primarily been working on perfecting the biochemistry of a fishy flavor. To do so, the team is using heme, the same "iron-rich molecule" that they used to create the beef flavor of the Impossible Burger. It doesn't seem like Impossible has successfully created a fishless fish yet, but the research and development team has successfully created an anchovy-flavored broth. So now that they've achieved the fishy flavor, recreating a fishy texture will be the next step.