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Source: iStock

Impossible Burger CEO Reveals Plans to Make Plant-Based Steak

By Carly Sitzer

The world of plant-based "meats" is constantly growing, thanks to brands like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. And while the world of “bleeding” burgers seems to be peaking, the CEO of Impossible Foods, Pat Brown, has no plans of slowing down — as he recently shared plans to make a “world-class” steak, sans any meat. 

In an interview with The Spoon, Brown discussed the “huge symbolic value” in steak, and explained how he plans to address it with their new "steak."

“[Steak] has huge symbolic value because I think it’s sort of the epitome of meat for a lot of meat-eaters. And I think that if we can make just an awesomely delicious world-class steak, that will have huge symbolic value,” he said during their video interview.