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Source: pexels

1 Out Of Every 3 Caught Fish Is Never Actually Eaten

By Marissa Higgins

Whether you live in a coastal area or not, many  people enjoy eating seafood. In fact, preparing a healthy fish dish, or dining out at a high-end seafood restaurant, can be considered such luxuries, it's hard to imagine fish ever going to waste. Luxury aside, in some parts of the world, seafood is an integral source of nutrition and dietary staple. Unfortunately, according to a new report from the UN Food and Agriculture Administration, one in three fish caught never makes its way to a plate. 

Why is one third of all caught fish going to waste? According to this report, the fish are either tossed back overboard after being caught, or are rotting before they can be eaten. Given how many people live with food insecurity, this number is certainly hard to swallow.

Why is anyone tossing back caught fish? Some fish are thrown back into the water because they were deemed too small, or their species isn't high enough in demand. Losses also come from genuine ignorance about storage and maintenance, causing fish to spoil when they were intended to be kept fresh.