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Source: instagram

5 Plant-Based Seafood Brands Perfect For Vegans

By Marissa Higgins

If you're trying to eat less fish, it can be difficult when a craving strikes. Seafood is notoriously unique in terms of flavor and texture. Whether you're a vegetarian, vegan, or trying to reduce the amount of seafood you eat, you can be left feeling frustrated. Luckily, plant-based seafood options are only growing.

Many people associate a cruelty-free or plant-based diet as being focused on chicken or beef replacements. While you can substitute tempeh for bacon or tofu for fried chicken, for example, it can be tougher to recreate lobster or scallops using the same approach. 

Whether you're looking to check out vegan seafood because of your ethics or because you're familiar with how serious of a problem overfishing is for our oceans, plant-based seafood is an excellent alternative. These five brands are truly innovative, and worth a taste when you're craving fish-free seafood