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Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands: A Guide to Animal-Friendly Cosmetics


There’s no need to sacrifice your high standards for beauty products when switching to a cruelty-free lifestyle. Everywhere from the internet to Sephora to drugstores have cruelty-free makeup brands these days. Not to mention, there are endless online resources to help guide you through the transition process, making buying cruelty-free makeup and skincare products easier than ever.

Read on for our recommendations of cruelty-free beauty brands, a few basics about the animal testing industry, and how to figure out if brands are cruelty-free.

What Is Cruelty-Free Makeup?

Cruelty-free makeup brands are companies who do not test their cosmetics or ingredients on animals, and do not outsource any animal testing to third parties. Not all cruelty-free products are actually free of cruelty, though, as cruelty-free does not mean the product is free of all animal ingredients. To completely keep animals out of your beauty routine, make sure that products are not only cruelty-free, but also vegan.