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Source: Sophie Hirsh

Cooking Up Sustainable Jeans With Candiani


Recipes are typically for meals (and occasionally, disaster). But in the world of sustainable denim, there’s a recipe behind every garment — and more often than not, that recipe comes from Candiani Denim. Founded in 1938 in Milan and known as “the greenest mill in the blue world,” Candiani is responsible for the sustainable denim offerings you’ve seen at numerous brands, from classic jean labels such as Lee, Levi’s, and Lucky Brand to designers like 3x1, Hugo Boss, and Mott & Bow, to modern companies with sustainable ethoses including J. Crew, Madewell, and Outerknown.

For the past eight decades, Candiani has made all of its denim at the company’s mill in Milan, Italy. But many of Candiani’s designs — and recipes — actually originate at the family-run company's L.A. lab, known as the Candiani Los Angeles Design Center. To learn more about the impact the legacy denim company has made in the sustainable jeans space, I recently visited the design center and met with Damiano Dall’Anese, Candiani’s Executive Vice President. (For full disclosure: I was invited on a trip to L.A. to see the design center, and my travel and accommodations were provided by Candiani.)