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Source: Bill Gates/YouTube

Bill Gates Breaks Down Climate Change With Squishy Toys In YouTuber-Style Video


Bill and Melinda Gates just released their 2019 annual letter, reflecting on the nine biggest surprises they witnessed in 2018. Coming in at No. 3 is climate change, something that Bill Gates wants people to understand is dire, but also something that has the potential of slowing down — if humans do something about it. But don't worry, Gates didn't simply write up a fear-mongering blurb about this 2018 surprise — he also demonstrated it in a YouTuber-style video, featuring squishy toys and a pie chart. Sounds like someone is having fun with his retirement.

In the video, Gates explained that most people focus on electricity when it comes to reducing emissions. And even though electricity is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gases on earth (and yes, you should continue unplugging your charger when you're not using it), it's important to focus on the other factors, too. "People think, 'Hey, aren't we getting the solar panels and windmills to be a lot less expensive, and isn't that helping reduce greenhouse gases?' And the answer is absolutely," Gates said to the camera. "But there is a lot more to do than just taking electricity to zero emissions. There's a variety of things that generate greenhouse gases."